1. ACNP
    Neurocysticercosis: Isolated Lesion in the Left Middle Frontal Gyrus
    Abel S Mathew,  Carly Clark,  Peter M Lauro,  Zain Khalid,  and Nicole C R McLaughlin
    Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology Dec 2023
  2. eLife
    Concurrent decoding of distinct neurophysiological fingerprints of tremor and bradykinesia in Parkinson’s disease
    Peter M Lauro,  Shane Lee,  Daniel E Amaya,  David D Liu,  Umer Akbar,  and Wael F Asaad
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  3. Epilepsy + Behavior
    Seizure and anatomical outcomes of repeat laser amygdalohippocampotomy for temporal lobe epilepsy: A single-institution case series
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  4. Expert Reviews
    Thalamic Neuromodulation in Epilepsy: A Primer for Emerging Circuit-Based Therapies
    Bryan Zheng,  David D. Liu,  Brian B Theyel,  Hael Abdulrazeq,  Anna R. Kimata,  Peter M Lauro,  and Wael F. Asaad
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  1. HBM
    A hierarchical anatomical framework and workflow for organizing stereotactic encephalography in epilepsy
    Bryan Zheng,  Ben Hsieh,  Nathaniel Rex,  Peter M. Lauro,  Scott A. Collins,  Andrew S. Blum,  Julie L. Roth,  Neishay Ayub,  and Wael F. Asaad
    Human Brain Mapping Jul 2022
  2. MDS
    Where Do Parkinson’s Disease Patients Look while Walking?
    Nora Vanegas-Arroyave,  Denise F. Chen,  Peter M. Lauro,  Gina Norato,  Codrin Lungu,  and Mark Hallett
    Movement Disorders Jan 2022


  1. JNS
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided Laser Thermal Ventral Capsulotomy for Intractable Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    Nicole C.R. McLaughlin,  Peter M. Lauro,  Morgan T. Patrick,  Francesco G. Pucci,  Adriel Barrios-Anderson,  Benjamin D. Greenberg,  Steven A. Rasmussen,  and Wael F. Asaad
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  2. Epilepsia
    Two-trajectory laser amygdalohippocampotomy: Anatomic modeling and initial seizure outcomes
    David D. Liu,  Peter M. Lauro,  Ronald K. Phillips,  Owen P. Leary,  Bryan Zheng,  Julie L. Roth,  Andrew S. Blum,  David J. Segar,  and Wael F. Asaad
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  3. J Neurosci
    Subthalamic-Cortical Network Reorganization during Parkinson’s Tremor
    Peter M. Lauro,  Shane Lee,  Umer Akbar,  and Wael F. Asaad
    Journal of Neuroscience Nov 2021
  4. Brain
    Lesion location and lesion creation affect outcomes after focused ultrasound thalamotomy
    David J. Segar,  Asad M. Lak,  Shane Lee,  Maya Harary,  Vamsidhar Chavakula,  Peter Lauro,  Nathan McDannold,  Jason White,  and G. Rees Cosgrove
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    The Design of Clinical Studies for Neuromodulation
    Wael F. Asaad,  Peter M. Lauro,  and Shane Lee
    In Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery: Principles and Applications Feb 2020
  2. JNE
    Rapid motor fluctuations reveal short-timescale neurophysiological biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease
    Minkyu Ahn,  Shane Lee,  Peter M. Lauro,  Erin L. Schaeffer,  Umer Akbar,  and Wael F. Asaad
    Journal of Neural Engineering Aug 2020
  3. Frontiers in Neurology
    Multi-Dimensional, Short-Timescale Quantification of Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor Motor Dysfunction
    John B. Sanderson,  James H. Yu,  David D. Liu,  Daniel Amaya,  Peter M. Lauro,  Anelyssa D’Abreu,  Umer Akbar,  Shane Lee,  and Wael F. Asaad
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  1. Thieme
    Intraoperative Research during Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery
    Shane Lee,  Meghal Shah,  Peter M. Lauro,  and Wael F. Asaad
    In Deep Brain Stimulation: Techniques and Practices May 2019


  1. SFN
    DBStar: An Open-Source Tool Kit for Imaging Analysis with Patient-Customized Deep Brain Stimulation Platforms
    Peter M. Lauro,  Shane Lee,  Minkyu Ahn,  Andrei Barborica,  and Wael F. Asaad
    Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Feb 2018


  1. Neuroimage Clin.
    Changes in functional organization and white matter integrity in the connectome in Parkinson’s disease
    Sule Tinaz,  Peter M. Lauro,  Pritha Ghosh,  Codrin Lungu,  and Silvina G. Horovitz
    NeuroImage: Clinical Jan 2017
  2. J Neurosci
    Prefrontal Neurons Encode a Solution to the Credit-Assignment Problem
    Wael F. Asaad,  Peter M. Lauro,  János A. Perge,  and Emad N. Eskandar
    Journal of Neuroscience Jul 2017


  1. Brain
    Tractography patterns of subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation
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  2. Brain Struct. + Funct.
    Deficits in task-set maintenance and execution networks in Parkinson’s disease
    Sule Tinaz,  Peter Lauro,  Mark Hallett,  and Silvina G. Horovitz
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  1. HBM
    DBSproc: An open source process for DBS electrode localization and tractographic analysis
    Peter M. Lauro,¬† Nora Vanegas‚ÄźArroyave,¬† Ling Huang,¬† Paul A. Taylor,¬† Kareem A. Zaghloul,¬† Codrin Lungu,¬† Ziad S. Saad,¬† and Silvina G. Horovitz
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