Peter M. Lauro

PGY1 Psychiatry Resident, University of Pennsylvania
MD, PhD, Brown University

About Me

I am currently a research-track psychiatry resident at the University of Pennsylvania. I plan to continue investigating neuromodulation and neurosurgical intervention for patients with intractable psychiatric illness, while learning how these disorders impact learning and cognition.

At Brown my graduate research with Dr. Wael Asaad worked to define the functional and anatomical circuitry of Parkinson’s disease motor symptoms. I also developed machine-learning approaches to optimize deep brain stimulation to selectively treat individual motor symptoms. To accomplish this I combined intraoperative behavioral tasks, intracranial neurophysiology, real-time closed-loop stimulation, and clinical neuroimaging.

Before all this, I was a postbaccalaureate IRTA research fellow in the Human Motor Control Section at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.


May 30, 2023 “Concurrent decoding of distinct neurophysiological fingerprints of tremor and bradykinesia in Parkinson’s disease” is now published in eLife
Nov 16, 2022 Presented “Aberrant model-based learning in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is normalized after laser capsulotomy” at Society for Neuroscience 2022
Nov 24, 2021 Presented “Alternating neurophysiological states representing Parkinson’s tremor, bradykinesia, and optimal motor performance in the subthalamic nucleus and sensorimotor cortex” at Society for Neuroscience 2021
Nov 8, 2021 “Subthalamic–Cortical Network Reorganization during Parkinson’s Tremor” is published in JNeurosci
May 1, 2021 Successful defense of my PhD thesis, “Identifying the functional and anatomical circuitry of Parkinson’s disease motor dysfunction for closed-loop deep brain stimulation”